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A look into the success career path of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani founded the Dubai-based luxury that deals with real estate developer DAMAC in 2002. After he attended the University of Washington, he received his undergraduate degree in economics. After that Damac owner started his career path as a contact manager by professional at GASCO. In 1982 he wanted to go on his path to start a catering business. That is when Hussain built so many hotels so that they will be able to accommodate the rising number of people that were visiting Dubai to do business or trade. It just started as a modest catering division, but today it has grown to become a market leader that will take care of over 200 projects and serve over 150,000 meals every day in the markets, thus changing things for the Middle East. Other than offering meals to construction sites, army camps, five-star hotels and onshore and offshore location, the modest catering division will cater services of the management, camp maintenance, and human resource supply.


The success of Damac Company has been a step to step journey to making them what they are now a multi-million company. According to Hussain Sajwani, one thing that has been helpful in achieving the goals is the quality of service that they will offer their clients. To create the image that they have it depends on the confidence in the service that they provide. At the start, they began with just one client, and they have been able to grow to so many clients now.


Having so many friends has been what has helped Hussain Sajwani in achieving his success. In the list of friends Trump, the president of United States is among them. Donald Trump got interested in the work of Hussain Sajwani after he saw the different projects that Hussain Company had taken care off, that is when the relationship between them started, Donald Trump was interested in what Hussain was doing, and he wanted him to help build the luxurious golf field. Apart from them having a business relationship, they are close friends as well. When Donald Trump won, Hussain was among the guest in the inauguration, even his presence was recognized.

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