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According to Shervin Pishevar, Innovation Technology is not a Preservative for the United States

Shervin Pishevar, who founded the Investment company. The financial expert has been known to be controversial, but his knowledge makes him a resourceful person who should be given attention any time he has something to say. This is what happened when he decided to take on Twitter to talk about various issues affecting the society in the United States and other countries.

In one of his numerous tweets, Shervin Pishevar decided to talk about the false notion that many Americans have regarding innovations at Silicon Valley. Since the beginning of the digital revolution, Silicon Valley has been receiving all the accolades as the center of knowledge and innovation where everything invented in the world comes from. Due to the accolades received by the Silicon Valley, Americans still think that the area still holds its original innovation knowledge and that it is a preserve for the people of United States.

However, Shervin Pishevar, explains that the recent developments indicate that the trend is changing and that Americans should worry because the country seems to have lost its exclusivity to other parts of the world. American does no longer have the right to boost the talent or entrepreneurial knowledge that characterized the country during its inception. Innovation has now spread to other parts of the world such that inventions can now come from any region around the world. This should be a worry to the United States economy in the long term.

Shervin Pishevar points to various innovations happening in different parts of the world such as the mobile money transfer technology in developing countries in East Africa and the fact that China builds a train station within nine hours. This means that the United States is not as strong as it used to be and it is high time it should start accepting the ideas of other countries while at the same time respecting their views. This should be necessitated by the fact that anything that the US has can as well be located in other parts of the world.

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