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Alex Sellem: Where His Company Idea Came From


Alec Sellem is the Founder and CEO of Sellem Industries which is based out of England. Since this company is part of his name and his legacy, he has remained actively involved in each part of the company from the high executive decisions all the way down to the daily operations.

Sellem works hard to make processes more efficient, cost-effective, safe, and productive so that the environment continues to scale up and continue to grow a successful company. Sellem was recently interviewed about how he came up with his mining business.


So, where did the idea for his company come from?

Alec Sellem was already partaking in the gold industry, so he had a heightened interest in gold which meant that the idea for his business came about quite naturally and organically. He saw several gaps in the industry of gold trading, so Alec started thinking of ways to fill the gaps. By building gold refineries in Africa he could upturn traditional mining and refining practices and create a better way for stakeholders to communicate among one another.


Any Advice For Your Younger Entrepreneurial Self?

He says he would encourage his younger self to play harder and enjoy life a little more, including learning how to find ways to enjoy yourself while at work. When you are young and chasing big dreams trying to accelerate yourself up the business ladder, you can easily forget to stop and enjoy the journey. Sellem says he would advise his younger self to slow down and find a healthy balance between work and fun.


What Habit Makes You more Productive?

Alec Sellem sees himself as a fighter that looks at big obstacles as just mere challenges. He wants to overcome anything that can stand in his way, which means he won’t take failure as an option. This makes him highly successful as an entrepreneur as he won’t give up after his first failure and will keep trying. .


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