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Aloha Construction is one of the most efficient sidings and roofing companies. The construction company continues to grow. In 2017, the company has been able to complete 20,000 units up from 7,000 projects that they completed in 2013.


During extreme weather conditions like high winds, storms, and hail, roofs and sidings are likely to be damaged. Aloha Construction takes care of all your repair, re-enforcement and building needs. The company is also setting up an interior refurbishment set that will take care of all your renovation and interior needs. The company has always provided the best services for their clients and their main objective is to make them feel safe. The start of the Aloha Builds network will ensure that services such as water extraction, clean-ups after natural disasters, remodeling kitchens, basements and bathrooms, interior restoration and water extraction are carried out more effectively.


Although the company has been providing renovation services since 2008, they felt that a specific unit which will cater specifically to these needs will be more productive and creative. The new brand will have its office near the company’s Lake Zurich office. Aloha Construction has also set up a website to make their services more visible to their clients.The growth of Aloha Construction has also ensured that the companies’ latest Bloomington office is handling as many clients as the main office in Lake Zurich.




Aloha Construction is a general contractors company. The company serves the Southern Wisconsin area and Illinois. Some of the services that the construction company offers include gutter installation, cedar siding, insulation installation, door installation, roof cleaning, siding repair, roof waterproofing, siding installation, soffit installation, stucco installation, soffit repair and window installation, among others.


Aloha Construction is managed, run and administered by a family. The company started as a small business in 2008 but it has been able to grow greatly over the years. The company has been able to receive many accomplishments and certificates for their role in the general contractor industry.

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