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An Interview with the Chainsmokers

In an interview with the popular due the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart explained how they met and how they came to their success.

Alex Pall was an ordinary man before his success in the Chainsmokers. He loved DJing, but he looked at it as a hobby. DJing felt more like fun than it did work, so he was afraid of pursuing something of that sort. But one day, he decided that he wanted to try and make a career out of DJing, and his manager introduced him to Andrew, and they started working immediately.

Andrew Taggart was a college student with a passion for electronic music and DJing. He wasn’t like the other students and he was picked at for his differences. He was inspired by other DJ’s making it big. He started creating music and finding a passion for producing, so he produced a couple of songs and put them out on SoundCloud. He also played in a couple of shows, which inspired him to keep going. He had planned on moving to Los Angeles After graduating college and pursuing a career in DJing, until he found his break. One day, Alex was told that a group named the Chainsmokers was in need of another member. Andrew refused to pass up the opportunity, so he hopped on a bus and headed from Maine to New York. As soon as he met Alex, they got to work, and Andrew explains meeting Alex as “Love at first sight.”

They now have a few big hits such as “Rose” “Don’t let me down” and one of their biggest hits yet “Closer.” For their number one hit song “Closer” they collaborated with the talented Halsey. In creating their music they wanted their audience to grow.

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