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Ashley Lightspeed Provides Insight on Venture Capital Funding

Ashley Brasier was brought up by her father who was an architect. This made her want to pursue architecture as she used to admire her father drawing plans on their table every evening when she came from school.

However, when she joined the Stanford School of Business, she realized that she was more passionate about business prototyping and even after graduation, she secured a job at Bain and Company where she was into the consultancy department.

She was not so comfortable in this department years later because she now wanted to do more operational work for an organization. This saw her venturing into Silicon Valley where she was employed as a category manager for Thumbtack. See articles at

Her role here involved ensuring that customer experience for all their clients was good enough, especially during the events that they managed. Ashley Lightspeed used prototyping as her secret tool as she assessed the customer’s level of satisfaction and she also used it to come up with improvements where needed.

According to Ashley Lightspeed, prototyping is a skill that every entrepreneur and business person should be equipped with. Ashley had her first encounter with venture capital during an event at Thumbtack.

It intrigued her because of its nature to see into the future. She then quit her job at Thumbtack while she was going to pursue her MBA, the period during which her interest in investment companies increased.

Consequently, she began her own investment company. She also became a member of the Lightspeed Company. Her role in the company mainly involves advising young companies and helping them to come up with successful growth strategies.

Her experience in the business industry helps her during her advisory roles at Lightspeed. Ashley Lightspeed insists that she depends on her craftsmanship which allows her to not only care for the clients that she works with but also to help them build and grow themselves.



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