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Avaaz’s Work in Promoting Awareness on Global Issues

Avaaz is a civic organization which is based in the United States of America. Launched in 2007, the organization is known for its work involving the promotion of global issues such as human rights and climate change. The organization has been categorized as one of the most influential powerful activist network on the internet.

While most people associate with the organization, some do not know where the name “avaaz” originated from. Avaaz is derived from the Persian pharse “avaz” to mean “song” or “voice”. The phrase was preferred because it has an almost similar intonation as “voice” in many languages including English.

The driving force behind Avaaz is the knowledge that human beings have a responsibility to help each other. One of the main missions of Avaaz is to bring the world together by closing gaps that exist in the global platform. Through the organization, people from all around the globe are encouraged to take action, and to have their voice heard on global issues. Their activities are not limited to issues that are shared globally, but also domestic regional issues such as corruption.

Most people who do not know how Avaaz works mistake it for an international organization. Unlike organizations which get their funds from governments or other international organizations, Avaaz is online platform which is funded by its members. All the campaigns on the platform are put up by Avaaz members.

In order to maintain its neutrality and lack of bias, the organization does not accept funding from governments. It does not also receive funding from corporations. The community is guided and united by their common values democratic accountability. Because of their organizational structure, the organization has managed to stay away from external pressures that often affect such civic organizations.

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