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Barbara Stokes Taking the Leadership Initiative

Making a Positive Difference

Barbara Stokes is an industry professional who is the current CEO of Green Structure Homes based out of Huntsville Alabama. The organization specializes in providing disaster relief services. Barbara Stokes has devoted a significant amount of her time & resources to humanitarian efforts. The company works in cohesion with the government agency FEMA in order to provide humanitarian services to disaster stricken regions. The services provided are diverse. Some of the services that Green Structure Homes provides include; installing utility services, land planning, construction for schools, & military projects. While Barbara’s work is comprehensive & demanding, it is still important for her to have a solid work life balance. She is a mother to three children and enjoys spending time with her children and husband. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


Exemplary Leadership

It takes a visionary leader to take the initiative to make a positive difference in her community. Giving back and helping others is an important service to the dignified leader. By taking the initiative to help those in need, she establishes herself as a leader in the community and gains the respect of many. Follow Barbara Stokes on She is an advocate for women taking the initiative to lead in business. Advice she likes to provide for entrepreneurs is to never underestimate yourself and your abilities. Barbara is currently focusing on growth for her organization. She believes this can help increase employee satisfaction & the overall well being of the organization. This is possible by utilizing the resources made available by the Small Business Administration (SBA). There are specialized programs which aim to help and assist woman owned small businesses. She advises that small business owners look to see which resources are available to them through the SBA. Overall, Barbara Stokes is a leader who is committed to making a positive difference by giving back.


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