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Betsy DeVos: Changing The School System, One Plan At A Time

While Betsy DeVos may now stand as one of the most notable figures in the education system in the country, she is someone who has worked hard on her own to improve the system. Ever since the start of her career, DeVos realized what a big role proper education played in the development of children. Children need the right kind of facilities and educational opportunities to be able to grow. Without these opportunities, their growth may be stunted, thereby making it incredibly hard for them to make a mark on society.



However, the problem wasn’t with those running the systems, but in the way in which the system was designed. Public schools are funded by taxpayer’s money and have to use this to be able to provide children with everything that they would need. However, with the number of students that are attending these schools, the strain on them is far worse than what one would expect. Public schools are cramped for space and sometimes fail to meet the growing demands of the children there. This means that the children are not receiving all that they need to, and therefore and not being able to grow as strong contributors to society. Private schools, on the other hand, work in a different manner and are dependent on private funds. This means that these schools can provide children with all that they need.



DeVos knew that if she wanted to bring about this level of change, she would have to go about doing it herself. One of the first things that she decided to do was start up her organization that could work towards this. This led to the formation of the DeVos Family Foundation, which was a charitable organization working to help underprivileged children. Through this, DeVos provided children with scholarships so that they could attend better schools and receive the education that they need.



DeVos has always been a strong supporter of the charter school system and believes that this is the solution that America needs to tackle the problems that we have been facing. However, the action of changing the system as a whole is by no means easy, and DeVos has a lot that needs to be worked towards to reach that end goal. In spite of the obstacles in her way, DeVos knows that she will be able to one day see a better education system in the country.


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