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Betsy DeVos: Helping Students Earn the Education They Deserve

Where would you be without your education? It’s a fair question, one that many people will quickly answer with “why I probably wouldn’t be able to do a number of different things”. It’s true that you may not be able to read, write, or perform math equations. Those things are foundational and necessary to your overall quality of life. You may not actually understand how many skills you gleaned from the education system and how many skills you gained as you grew into an adult from real-world opportunities. Is it possible that many of the things you learned while out in the real-world stuck better because they had more context for the lesson? Alternative education is looking at this type of learning and more when it comes to educating young students. They seek out greater understanding and a certain level of meaning associated with the lessons the students learn throughout their educational career.


Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, explains that such care is not being taken within the public-school system. In fact, the public-school system has not made any effort to change their standards since they began the process of testing and bullet-pointed standards of learning. They believe that if all children are given the exact same education that they should come out of the system the exact same. While this shot at a simulated degree of equality is commendable, it is not realistic. Students learn at entirely different rates and from entirely different situations. A student that has been exposed to a given situation might learn something different from another student who witnessed the same interaction. It is worth taking into consideration that the way that children are being educated nowadays is not entirely effective. True, students are leaving these institutions able to complete basic tasks, but they’re lacking a whole other plane of education for many other subjects.


Betsy DeVos thinks that they can find a better meaning if students are permitted to attend charter schools and private schools located around or near their districts. She thinks that parents should have a greater amount of choice when it comes to their children’s education and be able to enroll them in such institutions without having to jump through hoops in order to secure that registration. She also thinks that parents should be allowed to homeschool or enroll their children into a type of a virtual school if they feel as though that will be more successful in teaching their children the types of lessons they need to learn. In fact, it’s not about taking away the process from the public-school system but instead giving the process back to the students who initially were supposed to be the ones who had it. She wants to change the way that people look at education, it’s not something that is being bestowed upon the student, instead, it’s something that they should be earning through valuable lessons that have been taught to them by competent professionals. Anyone interested in the politics of Betsy DeVos, and her new position will find them in a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable.


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