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Betsy Devos: The Billionaire with a Determined Mind Set on a Goal

Betsy Devos has always expressed herself as being one of the most passionate people in the government, particularly for quality education for young individuals. One of her remarkable moments was during the time President Donald Trump canceled a federal policy that allowed transgender students to enter and use school bathrooms that correspond to their gender identities.


As the education secretary, she knows her roles and responsibilities all too well, which is one of the reasons why the President chose her for the position. At that time, Betsy met with the representative of transgender and gay employees at the Education Department. She quickly gave the representative a warning of what was imminent.


Ms. Devos has always been known to be steely, tough, and firm. She showed that she opposed the move, according to the aide present and the people briefed about the meeting about it. Although her determination to achieve a specific goal is one of her essential qualities, she did not show any signs that there was a rift going on in the Trump administration.


However, just because there were no public signs of her resistance, the people who knew her understood that she would not be a timid part of the Trump administration. Betsy Devos is known for her advocacy for charter schools as well as school vouchers. She was once a Michigan Republican Party chairwoman and was quite well-known due to her significant donors to the group.


For several years now, she has become one of the frontrunners of reforming the educational system. She is an unequivocal supporter of school choice, which she has shown on a number of occasions. Betsy Devos is indeed someone you do not want to mess with. She may come across as gracious and meek, but she has a strong-willed side that does not let her back off whenever she has set her mind on a certain goal.


Elisabeth Prince has become involved with politics at the campus, and she has been politically active ever since her vocation at Calvin College. More than 30 years have passed, and she is still leading different campaigns, political actions, and party organizations.


Betsy Devos Behind Being the Education Secretary


It seems that reform has always been in her family. Dick Devos, her husband, was one of the nominees for Governor in Michigan under the Republican Party in 2006. However, being the education secretary is not just one of her jobs. She is everywhere from business to politics. In both worlds, she and her husband would search for innovative answers to various social problems.


Betsy is not just the education secretary, but also the chairman of a privately held company that invests in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. This multi-company called Windquest Group was founded in 1989 by both Betsy and her husband. Dick was also the president of Amway and Orlando Magic, an NBA team.


For most of her supporters, the critical reform that Betsy Devos pursues is through her various nonprofit roles. As the chairman of their family’s very own foundation, she has helped and donated to numerous charitable institutions locally and nationally.


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