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Bruno Fagali: At The Forefront Of Compliance

      Some of the agencies he has consulted for include Nova, a leading advertising agency in the country. The advertising agency handles numerous public contracts from government agencies.

Bruno Fagali is committed to ensuring transparency and compliance in the corporate and public sector. He enjoys the security of tenure to work with the firm for many more years.

He has the responsibility of ensuring the agency observes strict integrity guidelines in servicing its contracts with the government.

The Brazilian government is on a mission to restore the lost trust in its citizens due to corruption scandals. This is particularly true for companies doing business with the government and other organizations demanding full disclosure.

This means strict compliance with the law and transparency in its business dealings with corporates. The government undertook comprehensive reforms in the industry in line with the fight against corruption.

Corporate corruption is endemic in the country. It is especially rife in the advertising sector where there is little transparency. Bruno Fagali continues to post interesting interpretations of various parts of the Brazilian legal system online.

He passionately educates citizens about new laws and regulations that affect their lives. He has an in-depth understanding of compliance and administrative law.

This is quickly gaining him recognition in the right legal circles in the country. He is also associated with professional law organizations such as the Brazilian Society of Public Law among others.

Bruno Fagali is vocal about issues relating to business law and compliance. He graces numerous public seminars and legal workshops articulating complex legal matters.

The strategy encourages awareness of the law. Through Fagali Advocates, he is set to revolutionize the way corporate Brazil works with the public sector.

Compliance with the laid down code of conduct can be enforced from within the company. If companies commit to keeping their employees on check, governments would not need to worry.

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