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Charlamagne Tha God Is Actively Striving To Be Better Than His Past


Media personality Charlamagne tha God has recently started to open up a great deal about his struggles with issues ranging from PTSD to anxiety. In many ways, this is a departure for a television and radio personality known for being provocative and outgoing. These struggles are the topic of Charlemagne tha God’s new book Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me. The book also touches on the issues of racial tension that are still present in the United States.


The paranoia that Charlamagne tha God has felt for being a black man in the United States is a topic that he touches on. Growing from past mistakes is another theme in the new book. The concept of a changed narrative is something that Charlamagne tha God is really embracing now in his attempt to be better than the man he was years ago.


Charlamagne tha God is also a huge fan of the NFL. Despite this, he finds himself sitting out from watching this year due to the ongoing issues regarding the protests that involve kneeling. The fact that players are choosing to kneel to call attention to racial injustice is something close to Charlamagne’s heart and skipping out on this season is his own way of protesting the league and the stance it has taken against the protests.


This new book is Charlamagne tha God’s second one. His first book was entitled Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It. The book had a good reception and offered up what could be described as blunt but helpful advice. It made it to number six on the New York Times hardback non-fiction list in 2017. Beyond his writing, Charlamagne tha God continues with his popular work in radio and television.


Charlamagne Tha God continues to host the popular The Breakfast Club on the radio waves as well as hosting Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne tha God. This program airs on MTV2. He is also the narrator for the BET show Inside the Label.



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