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Chris Burch: Branding Is Out And Experiences Are In



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Chris Burch is a walking advertisement for the need to have a diverse portfolio. He is invested in everything from the clothing industry to the travel industry and many things in between. Burch is hands-on with most of his investments which add up to about a billion dollars.

Burch can be considered an expert on branding, and when asked what is the future of branding, he frankly answered that branding is on its way out. Once upon a time, it was all about the brand. People were loyal to brands like Gucci and a few other names, however, people are just as proud to be wearing a lesser-known name.

Branding may be on the way out, but according to Chris Burch, experiences are in. The reason why Burch’s resorts are doing well, according to Burch, is due to the great experience that the guests receive. As a culture, we seem to be turning away from material objects and running towards unforgettable experiences. People are still seeking luxuries, but these luxuries are no longer big houses or expensive cars, but instead, they are the experiences gained from traveling, spending time in nature, and self-care.

Chris Burch credits his intensity for being able to manage his projects, see projects here at ( He feels that people are too interested in making a to-do list instead of taking care of business. According to Burch, a lot of that has to do deal with the fear of losing a job. Though, Burch believes it is better to make a few mistakes when making a decision quickly than taking time to make a decision or not making a decision at all.


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