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Clayton Hutson’s Great Love and Passion for the Music Industry

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer who had the passion of being in the music industry since childhood. This made him turn his life around and make it a career and is now a business owner. Hutson attended college, studied theatre design and started working at few music companies that provided live entertainment performances. As he worked in these companies, he acquired some skills in the industry and eventually decided to become an entrepreneur by creating his own company for live entertainment productions. This way he recognized his love in this industry. Since then, Hutson has dedicated all of his energy, plenty of time and passion to produce, manage, design, manage and ensuring he offers impeccable live tours. In his career, he has interacted and worked with famous people in the industry including Pink.

Hutson got a core understanding of the music industry and always knows what will and what won’t work. Therefore, it is his job to know the exact kind of live performance he wants and uses this idea to ensure he produces a grand one. Additionally, Hutson is always excited about the advancements in technology that keep coming out every other day. He is always working hard to make sure his clients are happy about the services offered. He focuses not only of producing high quality pixels and random images to the audience, but to present the art form and a lot of creativity by including unique ideas like acrobatics into their performances. His aim is to wow his audience with the best live show.


On a typical day, Hutson begins his day as early as 6.00 am. He visits the performance venue before anyone else and lays out the game plan of how things will run by making a to-do list of his own and that of his producing team. He plans his shows with a consideration of its effects after the actual show. This way he is always working three times hard, by arriving at the venue earlier, taking his time to plan so that when his crew arrives, he can comfortably delegate different roles to them.


Hutson’s advice to himself and to others out there is that they need to be honest with themselves. He urges those talented in anything to be humble and have a good attitude for them to succeed. They should always double check their work to make sure it’s of good quality.

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