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Dabie Tsai’s Career as an Accounting and Auditing Expert

The world is making powerful strides towards accepting previously-marginalized groups in different fields. These are defining moments in the sector of accounting. Society has been reshaped by the fight for the rights of women. The impact of these achievements is conveyed via the lens of the growth trajectory in the economy. As such, it has been established that about 74 million women representing the U.S. labor sector have started female-owned businesses. Others have become c-level executives in male-dominated career fields (Ideamensch).


The Accounting Sector Takes a Major Shift

This tremendous growth springs from certain moves that are taking place in different sectors. It’s also distinctive of a significant shift in various units of culture, as well as the workplace. Currently, 60 percent of accounting jobs in the U.S. are held by professional business women. Until recently, men dominated the sector. The progressively shifting landscape has offered new employment opportunities for individuals such as Dabie Tsai, an expert professional accountant and auditor. Tsai has a lot to say regarding this shift, and her career provides some insight into the emerging trends impacting the industry.


Tsai’s Career

Dabie Tsai is a successful professional. Her career and achievements are vital factors that play a crucial role in determining her input in the field of accounting. During her 23-year tenure with one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms, Tsai held a number of lead roles and garnered significant experience in areas such as US GAAP, IFRS, and internal control over financial reporting. She also led large teams with hundreds of team members across the globe.

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