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Talk Fusion is a successful video communication company that is based out of Brandon, Florida. Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Office of Talk Fusion. Dr. Jonathan Chen is one of Bob Reina’s close friends that helped him develop the technology for his innovative products. Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion after he had he discovered that video communication did not exist.

Bob Reina discovered that video communication was not available after he tried to send a video email to his family members. Reina was viewing a house he was interested in purchasing, but he wanted to get the opinion of his family. When Bob Reina attempted to send the video, he received an error message. AOL informed him that he could not send the video. He contacted AOL to see if they could make the feature available, but they told him that sending videos through email was impossible.

Bob Reina met with his friend Dr. Johnathan Chen. Bob Reina and Dr. Chen came up with a plan and launched Talk Fusion in 2007. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have supplied many companies as well as individuals with high-quality life-changing products that allow video communication.

Talk Fusion has made a significant amount of accomplishments since they launched in 2007. Talk Fusion Chief Executive Officer has created many relationships sharing his knowledge with others. One of his most famous relationships is with Huffington Post which was renamed HuffPost in April of 2017. Bob Rein a shares articles about his experiences in the technology business and informs readers of recent technology advancements. He has been a contributor to HuffPost since 2016.

HuffPost has rebranded to reach a broader audience. The new mission of their company is “to tell the stories of people who have been left out of the conversation.” They want to represent the people that are always included as well as the ones that aren’t included. Bob Reina’s belief in giving and helping people succeed inspired HuffPost to rebrand itself. Bob Reina is dedicated to progress. Talk Fusion launches products that exceed competition and allows them to provide quality products.

HuffPost wants to educate people by allowing Bob Reina to share his knowledge and success. Reina is a strong believer in giving everybody a chance no matter who they are and where they come from. Bob Reina’s company has changed the way people see technology.

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