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Dick DeVos and Unrivaled Care

Dick DeVos doesn’t ever let what other people think affect his own opinions, thoughts and beliefs. He’s the epitome of a modern man who has plenty of conviction. He sticks to his guns. That’s why he makes such a great pair with his wife, Betsy. Betsy works for the administration for current United States President Donald Trump. She’s the Secretary of Education. This is a fitting role for her. She has many other causes that keep her ticking on a daily basis, too, however. Her husband knows that all too well.


There are so many thoughts that circulate through Dick DeVos’ head regularly. He loves all matters that pertain to aviation. Just ask the people who know about his charter school in Michigan. He appreciates all matters that involve keeping the cities that matter to him in great working order. Talk to the people who knew him back at the beginning of the nineties in Grand Rapids. DeVos at the time was less than thrilled by the notion of a big arena taking up space in Grand Rapids. It was set to be built not far at all from downtown. DeVos firmly thought that erecting the sizable arena would be destructive to the city’s well-being. He fought the plan hard, too. He is an attentive individual who focused on happenings in Detroit, Michigan in the seventies. The city welcomed a couple of structures that did nothing other than wreak havoc locally. DeVos wanted to protect Grand Rapids from an unpleasant fate. He has a talent for lobbying that has no competition. He’s an influential man who immediately moves forward any time something gets under his skin. He’s not afraid of communication in any way. His wife doesn’t live in fear of it, either.


They’re a dream couple for people who pay any attention to politics. They’re a dream couple for people who zero in on philanthropic concepts. They’re part of a tight-knit family that doesn’t think in an insular manner. Although Dick and Betsy have a genuine adoration for their children, they also have one for other people who are part of their great and vast nations. They’re excited about the educational choice world. Betsy is particularly eager to endorse educational choice. She frowns upon the idea of parents not being able to select the educational destinies of their children. She sees that that’s something that’s constantly happening everywhere she goes in the nation, too. It’s been an issue in Michigan for a long time now. How exactly does Betsy know that? She’s spent a lot of time visiting schools in her precious home territory throughout the years. Dick naturally accompanied her on many of these educational excursions. The twosome made a point to reach out to concerned parents at these schools. They often encountered parents who felt vulnerable, sad and helpless about the state of the educational system in America. These parents didn’t know where to turn. They didn’t feel like they could change anything for their impressionable children.


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