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Dr. Dov Rand: Article Recap featuring work life and Discovery (Biographical Information also Included)

This will give information around Dr. Dov Rand. An article by Bj Hetherington will be recapped from “Medical Daily Times”. There are conditions related to age the patients he has had shown complaints over. Some of them are fatigue, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. In order to treat issues like those Dr. Dov and his team utilize regenerative medicine in order to include an integrated approach for every single patient. The services that are obtained by patients at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers are for example programs, regenerative medical treatments, and anti-aging therapies used for weight loss.

Dr. Dov Rand made a discovery about the distinction between people who are younger and older. He found the answer to the question in our hormones. It was learned by the Doctor that everyone had bad and good hormones. He found that when people age it causes human beings to lose some of the good ones. Some examples of good hormones are thyroid’s, testosterone, and DHEA. Something else that should be noted is as we age the levels of bad hormones we have start to increase. What this means is individuals who are older have more amounts of insulin and cortisol contained in their bloodstreams than those who are younger. Insulin is the hormones that makes the body keep fat. That’s contributing to the reason people who are older start to gain more weight in their later years. A solution Dr. Rand has is to manage “bioidentical hormones” to the patients he has so that the good hormones stay in the ranges upper quartile. The patients of the Doctor have gained many benefits. For example, fewer cancer diagnoses, and an increased energy amount. Finally, it has been reported by the patients that they aren’t suffering from depression the same amount they did prior to treatment.

Dr. Dov Rand is located in Newark, New Jersey. He specializes in integrated medicine. He also has a practice dealing with bioidentical hormone replacement. Also, in West Orange New Jersey, he’s the President of Healthy Aging Medical Center. He focuses on giving patients with the care they require.

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