Carrier Class

Equities First Holding

Andrew Stevens, Equities First Holding Director of sales in the Middle East, states, that he is expecting popular demand for Repo transactions. He also is expecting to working with individuals and businesses who are seeking financial backing. EFH can start Repoing transactions as a Registered Repo Buyer as soon as possible. Equity First Holdings will follow all of the regulatory rules down to the last minute.

Equities First Holding gives their international audience financial help with low interest rates attached to them, being the first of its kind. These loans, make it so that the clients loans are not subjected to fluctuations of the market. Consumers are not about the rules and regulations for repayment of their loans as they once were. The way that Equities First Holdings is choosing to take care of its business has changed the new world views on financial institution backing in a time when lending is considered to be of high concern.

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