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Freedom Checks are a Sketchy Name for Legitimate Master Limited Policies

Master Limited Policies are tradeable stakes in a natural resource company. They have no controlling interest and serve as nothing more than a general investment. Essentially, they are stock, but a different form of stock. Any investor purchasing MLPs is basically taking the same risk one would take buying stock. The resource companies said stakes are a part of deal almost exclusively in the transportation of natural resources. This afford them a unique tax break opportunity worth a lot of profit. As long as they dispense 90% of their profit to investors, many of whom possess MLPs, they will only get taxed on the remaining 10%. A good deal, and a great opportunity for potential investors.

Investment guru Matt Badiali is an expert in the natural resource market. He helms two newsletters about it for Banyan Hill Publishing, Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist. A geologist with a degree from Florida Atlantic University Badiali travels the world to collect first-hand information in what resource companies can be invested in. Because of his extensive knowledge Badiali learned about MLPs, and because he likes to help average level investors make good on their choices, he decided to share MLPs with the world. Only he does not call them MLPs, he calls them Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks are essentially legitimate investments into natural resource companies. They are the purchase of stakes, some which can be acquired as cheaply as $10 dollars, with the possibility of a prosperous payout. The companies usually pay their stakeholders on a monthly to quarterly basis. Depending on the amount of stakes the Freedom Checks investors receive could be very big. Giving said investors freedom. Unfortunately, the general representation of Freedom Checks makes them look like a scam. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All.

This is understandable as free money sounds too good to be true. But looking at it from the standpoint of an investment one can see that it is simply a payoff. So, despite their scammy appearance, investing in a freedom check is not a bad idea.

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