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Greg Blatt a Match for Businesses

Greg Blatt is the CEO of IAC, he was granted the job in December 201. He is in charge of the leadership of the company and other working businesses. He was the CEO for various dating websites like, People Media, and many more other sites. Prior to these positions, Greg Blatt was the executive vice president and general counsel of IAC and part the Office of the Chairman. He was in this position between the years 2003 to 2009. During his time in this position for IAC, he watched over the legal, human resources, and communications for the company.

Greg had an association with Grubman Indursky and Schindler and Wachtell. He also associated with several other groups like Lipton and with New York-based law firms. Greg Blatt then went to work for Marth Stewart Living Omnimedia, Incorporated. At first, he simply was responsible for the legal and transactional activities. He also later served for the company as Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, General Counsel and the Secretary.

The business and lawman went to school at Colgate University where he achieved his Bachelors of Art in Law. He then attended Colombia Law School for his J.D. Going to law school and studying law had made very adaptive to leadership roles. Mr. Blatt attending law school made it easy for him to excel at business. His degree of Doctor of Law and his years of experience under his belt helped with his current career. His work with other law firms pushed forward into different leadership positions and understandings of the dealings that companies were involved in. All this strengthen his role in his career as of today.

Greg Blatt work in the online dating industry was reflected in the service that is provided to many customers. The businessman ability was shown through the group where he worked at. He worked for IAC, Match Group, and Tinder. These companies make the largest vast in the online dating companies of the world. The popularity of these companies and the large user based is a great reflection of Greg’s work during his time leading each company. His leadership is described as an effort towards logical and directed end goals. Companies, like Match portfolio, has grown rapidly during Blatt’s time as the leader. This growth for Match Group happened over an eight-year course (Prnewswire).

Blatt success and experience is shown heavily through the companies he worked with, led, and maintained. He is an inspiration for those who also want to be effective in leadership positions in the business world.

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