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Gregory Aziz, the Economist With a Midas Touch

The name Gregory James Aziz graces the list for North America’s most reputable and great business people. As President, chairperson and CEO of National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz has earned a position among those who made change. But who then is Gregory James Aziz? The London born Economist was born on April 30 1949 and took his first degree at Ridley College. He pursued his passion by studying economics at the University of Western Ontario.

His early years were spent at a family owned food business, Affiliated Foods where he worked to see it become a global importer before his departure. Affiliated Foods dealt with import and supply of fresh fruits mainly from Central and South America and Europe for distribution to major markets in the United States.

He left the company for New York in the late 80s where he tried his luck with banking. This is when the idea to purchase the then crumbling National Steel car was conceived. With an aim to make it North America’s leading company in railroad and freight manufacturing and engineering, Gregory J Aziz bought the company from DOFASCO in 1994.

Client satisfaction in his mind, Gregory J Aziz improved the company’s production and job creation. Using his vision, business administration expertise, and service to the community, Greg Aziz succeeded within his first five years where the company begun manufacturing 12000 cars a year compared to the 3500. The number of staff increased with 2000 to join the initial 600.


In 1996, National Steel car received its first TTX SECO highest quality and has been a receiver for many other times. Through Gregory Aziz’s need to provide the world with quality and affordable car parts, the company became North America’s only railroad and freight manufacturing and engineering company to earn ISO certification. James Aziz believes in team work and good working environment encouraging good employee management relationships by treating current and former employees to Christmas parties. See This Article for more information.


National Steel Car, under Greg Aziz’s leadership, uses its profits to give back to the society by sponsoring charity organizations like Theater Aquarius, The United Way, The Salvation Army and The Hamilton Opera. The company employees have known the beauty of giving, with example form Gregory James and take part in food drives that feed Hamilton food banks.



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