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Gregory Aziz’s Relevance In Rolling Stock

Gregory J. Aziz, a Canadian entrepreneur and businessman, was able to bring new life into one of the railcar-manufacturing industry’s most prominent names. This phenomenal man has used his very own capital to fund this special project, and this capital has given him a great return on investment. Gregory James Aziz comes from Polish ancestry, but he has lived his entire life in London, Canada. In his younger years, he went on to attain a higher education in economics from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to that point in time, he had a short stint attending Ridley College.


James Aziz is well-known throughout the industry, and he’s very respected. He has basically took a struggling company and turned it into a mega success. National Steel Car, a subsidiary of National Industries Inc., had been struggling for decades before Aziz came along. Back in the early 1900s, National Steel Car’s success came from its impeccable timing.


National Steel Car came into fruition right when rolling stock orders had reached an all-time high in Canada. These orders poured in from various companies. Box cars and railcars were in high-demand, and this company definitely made the most out of the situation. As time passed, National Steel Car begin to struggle. Diversity and lack of innovation wasn’t present, but the company found little success in the ’70s and ’80s.


Gregory J. Aziz stepped in and acquired National Steel Car in 1994, and the company has been experiencing tremendous growth like non other. “The cornerstone of this company is our people,” said Aziz. This is a hardworking team that consist of over 3,000 individuals. To show a better contrast of the situation, National Steel Car only employed around 300 people at the time of Aziz’s acquisition. That statement alone speaks volumes. The same thing goes for the production capacity. National Steel Car went from manufacturing 3,000 railcars per year to manufacturing an estimated 12,000 railcars per year.


As you can, Gregory James Aziz has used his business-savvy sense to transform National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz is the best man for the task at hand, and that’s a guaranteed fact.


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