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Gregory J. Aziz: Thriving as CEO

One of the hardest industries to master is the engineering and manufacturing industry. It’s an industry that’s relatively new, in comparison, but dominated by companies that have been around for nearly a century. While the manufacturing aspect seems easy, it’s the engineering that stomps professionals.


Engineers need to be able to evolve with the dynamic, ever-changing environment and needs of engineering. Companies with the best engineers and technology usually survive the longest. One of the top engineering and manufacturing companies in North America is National Steel Car. National Steel Car is also one of the oldest steel car manufacturers, founded in 1912 as Imperial Steel Inc.


For more than 100 years, National Steel Car has been producing some of the best products on the market. National Steel’s always taken pride in maintaining its high standards. Customer satisfaction is among the most important of those high standards. See This Page to learn more.


Today, those high standards are in the hands of Gregory James Aziz, current CEO of the company. Greg Aziz brought new life into a company that was getting comfortable with its past successes. When Aziz took over, he focused more on boosting employee morale and improving efficiencies. Now, National Steel is more successful than ever.


Behind Aziz’s modern strategies is a work ethic he learned from his family. After graduating from university, he worked at his family’s business. They taught him the fundamentals of working hard while also instilling in him the value of trust and compassion. Those are things he’s now bringing to life at National Steel Car.


Aziz is a humble man who’d never admit that National Steel is more successful because of him. Regardless of his preference, everyone knows that he’s the one that’s led the company to 13 TTX SECO awards for the past 13 years. Thanks to his efforts, National Steel hasn’t missed a single deadline since he took over.


The past may be brighter than other companies, but Aziz is focused on the future. Yes, National Steel Car has won numerous awards and is considered one of the leading companies in the industry, but that’s not enough for Gregory J Aziz.


He’s happy that everyone’s happy, but he wants the company to continue its success. Getting comfortable with past excellence or relying on it for its reputation boost isn’t an option.

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