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Guilherme Paulus Created CVC Through Optimism And His Gifts As An Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus has always been the kind of entrepreneur to keep his eyes on multiple business sectors. He helped to build CVC in the beginning and is now the man responsible for its continued rise in prosperity. He has commented that he is aware of the importance of international tourism but that he also focuses on domestic tourism. CVC is a travel company, and Paulus, himself, travels quite a bit. He does so to keep in touch with the employees and customers who visit his hotels. This is related to his other company, GJP, where he serves as the chairman and founder.

Guilherme Paulus has commented, in the past, that the idea for CVC came from Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. He met Cerchiari on a boat trip and spoke with him about the idea of starting up a tourism company. They ended up making a deal where Cerchiari would provide the money needed to startup the company while Paulus would do the groundwork needed to get it started. He had plenty of ideas already and immediately went to work expanding CVC into new locations. The company’s first location was outside of a movie theater, where plenty of people passed by.

Guilherme Paulus eventually took full control of the company after Cerchiari decided to move on. Today, he finds that it is his positive attitude of gratefulness that makes him more productive. He is always excited about new things to come and has discovered that he can be much more efficient during his work day by making a weekly schedule ahead of time. When working on a new idea, he has always been the kind of man to take chances. Guilherme Paulus has commented in interviews that no one ever truly knows if an idea will work out or not and that the best thing to do is simply to get it started.

Guilherme Paulus continues to take a very hands-on approach to business endeavours. He loves being part of the day-to-day runnings of his companies and has found that this has been one of the parts of his job he enjoys the most.

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