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Heather Russell joins TransUnion

Heather Russell is set to serve TransUnion firm as the Chief Legal Officer and the Executive Vice President on June 4th, 2018. Russell boasts extensive expertise and experience in global financial services that she has acquired throughout her over two decades service in the finance industry. She is an expert in various global financial sectors such as data privacy and security, mergers and acquisitions, FinTech, regulatory compliance and consumer financial services.

Russell will take over all the responsibilities and tasks of government relations, legal, consumer privacy functions, corporate governance and compliance of TransUnion and its affiliates. Russell will be working under the company’s president Mr. Jim Peck. He will also be participating in the matters carried on by the firm’s executive committee.

Commenting on the enrollment of Heather Russell, president Jim Peck praised Heather saying that he has a broad experience and expertise in the financial industry. He expressed his confidence with Russell’s expected input in the company. He continued that Heather is expected to add more value to the leadership and management of TransUnion.

Russell maintained that his new employer is a leading provider of information technology services that help companies, small businesses and upcoming firms in making informed and sound decisions. She was pleased to be part of the governing team of TransUnion. She also pledged to help the company grow and develop to higher levels.

Russell previously worked with Buckley Sandler, LLP. She dealt with tasks such as FinTech practices, supervision and financial institution regulation of the law firm. She has also served as the Corporate Secretary, Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President of Fifth Third Bank.

Russell is also a former Managing Director of Bank of New York Mellon. She also served the Bank as the Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs. Heather Russell has also worked with the Bank of America for some years.

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