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Heather Russell’s Journey in the Financial Management Sector

Heather Russell has been working in the financial and economic sectors for quite a long time. As such, she has gained enough skills that have propelled her reach greater levels in her career advancement. In a recent news release, Heather Russell is joining the TransUnion as an Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Office. She brings a wide range of skills to the new company from Buckley Sandler, LLP where she has been working since 2016. At Buckley Sandler, she was responsible for heading Financial Institutions Regulation, Supervision & Technology. This department was responsible for assisting clients like financial institutions in addressing problems related to regulations.

Before joining Buckley Sandler, Heather Russell worked at Fifth Third Bank. This is the 12th largest banks in the United States of America. Here, she held the position of an Executive Vice President, Corporate Secretary, And Chief Legal Officer. This was the opening point towards a successful career path in the financial field as she performed exemplary in her numerous appointments. Heather Russell was the pioneer of the International Office of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at the Bank of New York Mellon. This was an instrumental venture as she brought changes in the relationship of the bank and its regulators across 100 countries globally.

As mentioned on Crunchbase, Heather Russell is a skilled worker who sometimes operates on very tight schedule only to see her job accomplished. She has worked for both national and international companies on different scales to help in the development of a strong financial foundation. Her strong educational foundation has been instrumental in her successful journey. She holds an undergraduate degree in Biology and English from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Heather Russell later majored in law and went to Washington College of Law in Washington, DC. The President and CEO of TransUnion were happy to introduce her to the company saying that he is positive Heather Russell will perform exceptionally well.


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