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Herbalife’s Quest To Make The World Healthier

Herbalife, known for the development, Promoting and selling nutritional supplements. Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, the company was incorporated in the Cayman Islands with its corporate headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. The company has grown by leaps and bounds since then, with operations in 95 countries and approximately 8000 employees worldwide. In 2016 they reported net sales of 4.4 billion, which was due in part to their intense marketing and branding of their products. The idea for Herbalife originated from Mark Hughes observing his mother going through a rigorous battle with weight loss which resulted in unhealthy alternatives to weight loss. In her efforts to lose weight she developed an eating disorder which ultimately led to her demise.

This inspired Hughes to create a company that would change the nutritional habits of the world, encouraging individuals to take a healthier approach to weight loss, weight management and nutrition as a whole. The first product he created was the very well-liked formula 1 protein shake which was a soy-based meal-replacement shake. Even though Herbalife expanded the product line to many other products, the formula 1 protein shake still remains as the top seller, accounting for roughly 30% of its sales in 2015.

The mass majority of Herbalife’s success is linked to their robust marketing, promotion, and branding. Recently they teamed up with FIDM to allow some students to create an activewear which exemplifies everything their company stands for. The students were divided into groups and competed to create a cohesive activewear, with the final challenge having the students show how they would market and sell the collection. The purpose of the collaboration was to engage the next generation to create fitness apparel that embodies a happy and healthy lifestyle. They get a feel of the global marketplace by researching the millennial consumer.

They will also have the chance to travel to designer hubs located in Paris to Milan, to contribute to the Herbalife sessions as well as get the chance to talk with Herbalife leaders around the world. The FIDM program has been running strong for 26 years and has partnered with numerous companies such as Nike. These companies see this program as an opportunity to challenge, educate and inspire these students while giving a great opportunity to advance careers.


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