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He’s Spicy, He’s Sweet, and He’s Got the Perfect Treat: Joel Friant’s Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant has proven to possess an interesting track record. Friant began his career in the industry of real estate sales. By 1995, however, he departed from real estate sales and made his way into the restaurant business. It was during his time in the restaurant industry that Joel discovered his passion for successful entrepreneurship. It was with this new found passion that Friant embodied the flavor of the habanero pepper in all its glory. With this embodiment of one of the hottest peppers that the Original Habanero Shaker was born.

It was not long before Joel Friant and thousands of other individuals found the Original Habanero Shaker on supermarket shelves across Washington state. It was this financial success that further promoted the sales of the spicy flavoring. Several years had passed before Friant’s invention would notice another increase in sales. Nearly two decades would pass before the Original Habenero Shaker would experience another boom in sales. In 2012, Friant expanded his business to companies such as Amazon and eBay where he began selling his product.

The habanero pepper’s claim to fame lies in its innate ability to produce a fire in one’s mouth. This is the direct result of the high concentration of capsaicin within the placental membrane. The heath that individuals experience when enjoying the flavoring of the habanero pepper is the result of basic biological processes. When an individual adds some of the habanero flavorings to his or her meal the molecules on their tongue responds to the capsaicin molecules from the pepper. When the capsaicin molecules make contact with the receptors on the tongue a feeling of intense heat fills the individual’s mouth. This then gives way to a calming and soothing sensation in the brain. Perhaps it is this very sensation that has furthered the sales of the Original Habanero Shaker.

Over the years Joel Friant has proven that he is a successful salesman and entrepreneur. His invention of the Original Habanero Shaker has been tremendously successful over the years. Expansion of the product online has given way to even more success.

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