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HGGC: A brief history of its formation

HGGC (Huntsman Gay Global Capita) was rebranded from its previous name; Huntsman Gay Global Partners. It is a privately owned organization that uses a unique design in its operations. This design is modelled to give the organization an upper hand in acquisitions and financial investments in the business environment and also to explore the many opportunities for growth, that are presented by businesses operating in the mid-market sector. It also strives to empower such enterprises to give them a competitive advantage in the global market and move them into the international market level.

HGGC’s co-founders’ vision

The vision was to build up a company, which would accommodate investments from all sectors of production, information services, manufacturing, business service and even technological innovations, without the separation lines of whether they are private or public organisations.

The company now enjoys the excellent leadership qualities of its top three executives, Richard Lawson, Robert Gay and Steven Young. HGGC is based in Palo Alto California. To date, it has the capability of investing capital of up to $125 million in such existing midlevel businesses and startup ups.

What setbacks has HGGC encountered?

The company has had its share of successful mergers, reinvestments, recapitalisations, liquidations and acquisitions. However, this hasn’t come without some setbacks as HGGC has had its share of being accused of being on the wrong side of the law and faced lawsuits before, by companies involved previously in some of their financial transactions.

One such case involved a company called A.Schulmac Inc., which sued them, accusing them of selling to them another company called Citadel which was allegedly selling products without correct underwriters specifications. Schulman sued for $800m in damages, but they denied the allegations, stating that their relationship with Citadel was strictly financial and had nothing to do with Citadel’s operations in production. Additional charges involving Citadel were brought up, and the FBI even issued subpoenas to investigate them.

Regardless of such allegations, HGGC continued to rise and now operates at the global market with investments all across the continents. Employees at this company state that the working environment at the firm is friendly and productive.

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