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How A Betterworks Expansion Is Helping Other Companies Grow

Betterworks is a company that is dedicated to making every workplace a better place. They do this in three steps. The first one is to make sure employees feel a real connection between work and business goals. Second is to have managers actively engage with their employees. Third is regular feedback and goal achievement with active feedback. This is something that is missing in the workforce and Betterworks is trying to bring this back.

One way that Betterworks has been trying to achieve this lately is by securing 65 million dollars for its series B investment. The B round investments is lead by Emergence Capital with Kleiner Perkins. The goal of this series B investment for Betterworks is to maintain current product innovation and capitalize on accelerated sales momentum with their enterprise organizations. The extended funding of this project will allow for more opportunities to be made at Betterworks.

It is a good thing that Betterworks was able to find a series B project because they have been experiencing more growth lately. Last year the company saw a 100 percent increase in activities related with continuous growth management. This means that more customers saw an increase in their businesses in the alignment, enterprise agility, talent retention and overall performance. As a result of this growth, Betterworks has been able to produce more happy employees at the different companies that they work for.

Word has been spreading about Betterworks in the business department which has lead to more business for them. This is another reason why an expansion was needed.

Because Betterworks has been expanding as a company, they have reached many milestones in the past year. These include launching a program insights, expanding to over 20 languages, More team engagement, HR advisory counsel and many other things to come for the company.


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