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How Doe Deere Created Lime Crime

Doe Deere the founder and creative genius behind Lime Crime, the colorful vegan and cruelty-free makeup line began her ventures down the fashion trail in 2004 when she started selling her fashion line online. Doe Deere is from Russia by way of New York who moved to Los Angeles to live. She arrived in the United States with her family as a teen, graduated from high school and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.


She did all this while playing in a band. Eventually, Doe Deere decided to try her hand at designing fashion, which she sold online through eBay. It wasn’t long before she got the idea to make her own makeup to highlight the fashions she was creating. The makeup caught on and Lime Crime was born.


Doe Deere loves bright colors, so naturally that’s what she wanted to use for her fashion line. She couldn’t find it on the market, so she decided to make it herself. During the course of marketing her fashions, she learned some effective ways to market her makeup line. She started with giveaways and makeup tutorials. That got the public’s attention and she was able to carve a niche in the makeup market.


Her makeup consists of lip sticks and lip gloss, loose pigments, eye shadows, lip liners and nail polish. To complete the marketing package, Doe Deere selected a mascot, the unicorn and she adopted the nickname, “the Unicorn Queen“. The nickname seems apropos, as she is very unique and so are her makeup colors and their effects.


Lime Crime is sold online and in retail stores in many countries around the world. Doe Deere began with a digital store and within a year, she had a steady flow of sales. She promoted the makeup line initially with her tutorials and in 2009, she began receiving outside promotions and Lime Crime soon became a familiar commodity.


Deere is sure this is her path for now. She now has over a solid fan base for her makeup and over 3 million followers on Instagram. Deere goes by the belief that you’re happiest when you feel beautiful, so she will continue creating makeup for the woman who sees the world through the kaleidoscope in multi-colors.


She’s happiest when she’s creating color schemes for Generation Z. She loves touching base with her customer through social media so that she can understand what her customer wants. Both compliments and criticisms, she absorbs in a positive way by redirecting it in improvements to the line. Her primary sources of inspirations are found in fantasies, mythical creatures and subcultures. These are the inspirations for Deere’s latest addition to the line, “Alchemy”.


Alchemy is a line of kaleidoscopic colors swirling complementary colors like purple and green together to create an exciting clash. Deere feels she’ll never stop daring herself as this kind of color combination suggests. Just like those colors, Deere is a kaleidoscopic wonder herself. If not literally, she is colorful and exciting and she attracts women who feel the same energy.


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