Carrier Class


IC System is a company well known to operate at the top chain of the accounts industry because of their innovativeness and ability to learn about new market trends. It provides customers with quality services for their collection needs because it is a known account receivable company. Its primary driven culture is all about good ethics and goals that are in line with integrity in service to the people. This is practiced in the day to day activities of the company, and it’s also best known for its charity activities to the disadvantaged in the society as well as making the community a better place to live in.


Ruth and Jack Erickson started the company with origin in the year 1938 and located outside St. Paul, Minnesota. For all its years of existence, it has been run by one family. Its original thought process was to raise financial results for its users while ensuring ethical and honest service to customers.


The company believes that every business should be inclusive of the broader and general community. Thus it’s not only one of the largest job giver in its neighborhood and outskirts but also maintains a substantial charitable presence at all levels within the country. Its recognition of giving back to the society goes hand in hand with its traditional philosophies of being ethical to its clients. That’s why it created an internal philanthropic team to make official the culture of giving back. This was accomplished by creating several donation events, creating volunteering and general outreach to all.


IC System has been able to work with several charities whose interests and operation methods vary. They mostly focus on fundraisers. Example of such an event is the annual Polar Plunge that supports Special Olympics. Multiple blood drives are also one of the company’s activities where the mobile blood drawing unit enables employees to donate blood at any location. Such saves lots of people’s lives. Food drives, food packaging and distributing it to children hospitals is also one of the volunteered activities.

IC System has a reputation for being the best in collecting ‘patients’ balances in the industry. Its innovative practices are ethically driven. This then drives positivity in its dealings and helping tendencies.


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