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Infinity Group Australia Debt Management Company

Infinity Group Australia is a debt reduction company that specializes in helping Australian families reduce their debt. The company started in 2013 and its aim is the make sure that clients get out of debt as quickly as possible and gives them tools to help them do so. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started the company together and apart from being business partners, they are also life partners too.


They started small but had big ideas. They realized most clients were living on tight budgets and were taking many years clearing their debts, lacking help in navigating how to get out of it. His company gives them the support they need to manage their finances better by giving them monthly updates on their performance which encourages them as they month by month reduce their debt. They are given financial coaches and are encouraged to stick to weekly cash-budgets. By depositing all their income directly into full transactional loan accounts, they reduce the daily interest rate they have to pay and this helps them live on a weekly budget. Clients are showing to be successful with many paying their home loan at a much faster rate than they formerly did.


Graeme Holme starts his day early, with physical exercise for both body and brain. He breaks his day down into 30-minute increments ensuring productivity. He is goal-oriented and delegates tasks to others which he classes as Transactional tasks. He also gives himself 5 Transformational goals each day which he commits to complete daily and won’t allow anything to get in the way of his completing them.


He is passionate about this business and just loves finding other equally passionate and genuine talents in the industry. He believes in giving free advice to business owners which could in turn land a paid consulting job in the future. He believes coaching and consulting are fast-growing sectors in the business world and this can make a big change in a client’s business as they tend to forget what they need to remember hence doing a great many things wrong. Learn more:


He has been in the financial services business for 17 years and his business is expanding having five more locations one of which is entertainment and sports dedicated. The company recently won “Overall Best Organisation CX in the Customer Experience Management Awards 2018. One of his favorite authors is Robert Kiyosaki who penned “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

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