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Isabel dos Santos: Entrepreneur, Global Leader, and Philanthropist

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter to the former president of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel has used her privileged background to impact positively on the lives of people, both in Angola and the world at large. She has been recognized globally as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Africa.

Work at Intel and Other Corporations

Isabel dos Santos has used her business skills in leading some of the biggest companies in Angola. For instance, she has worked at Unitel, the largest telecommunications firm in Angola. Her work at Unitel has enabled her to gain experience on various matters such as the implementation of both emerging and new technologies, economic development, and infrastructure creation. The impact of her work at Unitel has been felt by many Angolans. For instance, her dedication to infrastructure expansion has created more than 50,000 jobs in her country (Economist).

Apart from holding the highest position at Unitel, Isabel dos Santos has also worked at various companies in different regions. Some of the sectors that have benefitted from Isabel’s work are finance, media production, construction, energy, and entertainment. Her vast wealth of experience spanning more than 20 years has given her the chance to hold managerial positions at retail organizations, banks, and other blue-chip companies.

Understandably, such experience has come in handy for her in understanding the structure and workings of the global economy and policy. As such, Isabel has used her knowledge of economic policy to open up economic opportunities in Angola and foster economic growth in developing nations. Her concerted efforts have culminated in the reduction and eradication of poverty in Angola.

Public Speaking Forums

Dos Santos has not been shy of sharing her immense knowledge with other people. One way that she has used to impact others is through public speaking. Indeed, Isabel dos Santos´ entrepreneurial background and achievements in the business arena have been vital in giving her a chance to make public appearances all over the globe.

Isabel dos Santos recently gave a talk at Yale University where she highlighted the work she has done in alleviating the lives of the underprivileged in Angola. Her commitment to servant leadership has earned her respect from her people and others from all over the world.

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