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Isabel dos Santos Shares African Stories to the World

Around the world, Aliko Dangote from Nigeria is recognized as the richest man in Africa while on the other hand, Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in the continent. She is the first born daughter of the former president of Angola and a prominent entrepreneur who works with local and international companies. Despite being a successful individual in Africa, she struggles to improve the continent by highlighting the stories African people experience daily.


However, the stories vary and range from perseverance in tough situations and success in showcasing the betterment of Africa. The primary goal of Isabel dos Santos is bringing into attention such stories and gain the focus of international organizations; hence benefiting. Besides, she established multiple charitable initiatives which have highlighted such stories to remarkable people in the society but she experiences challenges to cover the entire continent. More so, some of her efforts have been witnessed in most parts of Angola as well as Africa in general.


The motive behind Charitable Work


The principle behind founding different charitable organizations in Angola and across Africa is to promote hard work and integrity. The entrepreneur focuses on empowering young visionaries such as leaders, politicians, and revolutionaries in the society. Similarly, the strategy encourages the next generation on the need to become active and develop their continent while highlighting their stories considered as inspirational. Isabel dos Santos believes that one person can make a difference in society despite focusing solely on empowerment in a given sector (FinancialTimes).




Isabel dos Santos has also shared African stories through her website which comprises of different stories. She again speaks at various public conferences, for instance, at Yale University where she talked about her career and success as well as stories of other prominent people in the continent and how Isabel has faced sexism. The institution entitled Yale Undergraduate Association encourages peace, development and solving of conflicts for the betterment Africa. Her role in the forum entailed highlighting her struggles despite being born in Azerbaijan, outside Africa, and the need to improve from where we are at the time. Isabel dos Santos spoke of her mentorship and how many view her as a role model in the community, which have propelled her hard work and determination.

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