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Jamaican-Born Executive Of NICE Global Paul Herdsman


Businessman Paul Herdsman was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and after graduating from Florida Atlantic University with a BA degree, he held a number of managerial positions in his home country before co-founding and becoming the Chief Operating Officer of the business solutions company called NICE Global in 2014.


Through his company, Paul offers businesses help with their customer service and tech support needs, and provides turnkey solutions for their sales and answering services. NICE Global, which is headquartered in Montego Bay, works to improve things like customer retention, overhead costs and customer engagement by finding the best outsourcing locations for clients who are interested in using this type of service to gain a higher income.


The managing positions Paul Herdsman had at previous companies helped him learn the kind of problem-solving skills that he now uses in his executive role at NICE Global. Paul Herdsman has more than 10 years of experience in customer software and online customer service, and he intends to continue to provide ongoing training for his employees, and to also try to keep them satisfied with the company, because he feels that along with using the proven marketing tool of word-of-mouth, keeping employees well-informed and happy is the best way to generate more business for NICE Global. He cites the software known as Slack as being instrumental when it comes to being more productive in his work. See Related Link for more information.


Paul Herdsman also feels that his interests and hobbies, two of which are fishing and golfing, helps him run NICE Global more effectively, because he thinks that the things that individuals engage in outside of work can make them more well-rounded and keep them grounded, which can make them be more focused leaders. The high-achieving entrepreneur, Paul Herdsman, is the father of 2 children, also likes to read about wisdom lessons in books like Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Rework.



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