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James Larkin Career as Trade Union Organizer

Jim Larkin has remained in the hearts of many people, decades after his death. Larkin was one of the people who introduced a great change in the lives of many people who were living in England and other parts of the world. Larkin was born in 1876 in one of the poorest areas of England. His family was living in Liverpool, and this is where he started his education. Although the businessman wanted to acquire some skills and make his life better, he realized that his family could not afford the cost of it. James Larkin felt that the only way he was going to survive was dropping from school and looking for any manual jobs so that his family could get food and the other basic items.


James spends most of his childhood in Liverpool, and he knew the life of the slums so well. Because the Irish leader had very little formal education, securing any job vacancy was a very complicated affair. The businessman knew that he had to look for a way to supplement the income for his poor family, and this is why he had to engage in foreman jobs in different locations. Doing these jobs was not the kind of life James Larkin wanted, but he realized that this was going to be the best way to survive. Working as a foreman opened better opportunities for the Irish leader. James realized that most of the employees were getting poor treatment from their leaders, and this is why he felt that he needed to start a labor union for all the employees.


Jim Larkin left his career as a foreman after venturing into trade union full time. The businessman started becoming the chief organizer in these platforms, and he fought for the rights of the workers in various platforms. James Larkin did his best to make the lives of workers in England better, and this is why his legacy has remained in the hearts of many people. At one time, the leader went to the US to look for better employment opportunities, but he was forced to go back home.

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