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Jason Hope: A Mentor and a Helping Hand

Being an entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist in life is a big accomplishment and the most perfect example of this is Jason Hope. Born and raised in Arizona, he studied at W.P. Carey School of Business and after finishing and graduating school, he became more passionate about pursuing his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and further enhanced his skills and expertise in the business industry. Eventually, Jason Hope became a good mentor to different students and aspiring entrepreneurs all over the nation.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, he also puts the needs of others first. Through charity and donations, he strives to create an impact and to influence others as well as spreading awareness to people all over the world. Jason Hope successfully did this through the help of our world’s technological advancements as the years go by.

The SENS Research Foundation

The man has made numerous efforts when it comes to sustaining and providing for people who are less fortunate and to men and women who are in need of support. He holds various organizations and has led plenty of donations especially in the SENS Research Foundation. Hope has been associated with this foundation and has been actively supporting it in finding treatments and cure for the diseases that people experience in terms of making the body age faster.

In addition to this, the foundation is known for hosting the annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference. It is a reminder of how the foundation contributes to society and to the people who are in need of a cure when it comes to aging. Professionals are present during the event and they are not afraid to share their in-depth understanding and knowledge regarding the issue. The speakers give motivational and life-changing lessons to ponder on. Jason Hope appreciates it when speakers are directly talking about treatments of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, molecular damage, cellular damage, and so on.

The non-profit organization continues to rise with its continuous support from Jason Hope, researchers, scientists, and its investors. He has been a major contributor for SENS Foundation for years now and constantly expands the research for the cure of aging. Jason Hope Donates To Anti-aging Research Effort As Major Discovery Emerges

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