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Jason Hope is the Entrepeneur That Wants You to Live Forever

Jason Hope is a fountain of inspiration, innovation, philanthropy and if he has his way, youth. The futurist entrepreneur has long sponsored grants and initiatives to give humanity a gentle push towards tomorrow. It can be hard to pin down what the man might be up to next, from his comedic and hip t-shirt company, Jason Hope tee’s, to his serious work in philanthropy. With each endeavor it is clear that Hope is inspired by people and aims to empower others. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

One of his projects, The Internet of Things, is an incubator that connects people and forward technology and innovation. Promoting learning through events like workshops and Expo’s, IoT is on the cusp of all that is cool and forward thinking. This side of Hope dovetails perfectly into his philanthropy. Jason Hope accepts blind submissions for grants ranging from $500-$5,000 on his website, with ideas being the magic alchemy to usher int he future. He understands that the inception of innovation grows outward from the spark of inspiration. With the pragmatic organization of a entrepreneur, Hope also has the creative insight needed to enable visionaries.

The spearhead of everything that Jason Hope does may be his work in anti-aging research, best exemplified by his $500,000 grant to the SENS Research Foundation. The Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence is connected to the exciting work of Aubrey de Grey and pursues the noble goal of extending life and curing all diseases. Research into life extension excites us with possibilities of immortality, but it has potential to innovate in the fight against many diseases and ailments. It takes visionary leadership to take on such a massive goal and SENS, empowered by the philanthropy of a man like Jason Hope, brings just the kind of innovation needed for such a lofty endeavor.

With a finger on the pulse of today and an eye on tomorrow, Jason Hope is the perfect combination of visionary dreamer and pragmatic business leader. Looking for so much more than the business wise bottom line, Hope wants to elevate all of humanity. With the clarity of vision and his smart philanthropic investments he may be just person to discover the fountain of youth.




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