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JD’s Bumblebee Promotional Partnership, the largest retailer in China has partnered with Paramount Pictures and Hasbro in celebration of the release of the Transformers movie Bumblebee in China. With this celebration there is a series of three mini short movies that feature both Panasonic and the Chinese menswear brand HLA featuring the Red Knight.


In the first of the three mini shorts, the setting is a Panasonic factory that shows a robot vacum with a Transformers sticker on it and Panasonic shavers being packaged up and shipped out. The second of the minishorts is set at a HLA warehouse where the Transformers are called into action to protect a delivery.


In the last of the three mini shorts Bumblebee and the delivery make it to a massive building where a battle ensues in the parking lot and the delivery is safely made afterwards with signage showing the Jingdong, Panasonic, and HLA logos as the delivery is made inside. To maintain suspense, the bad guy roars back to life just before the movie short ends. These movie shorts are a way to spark interest in these authentic products and the JD e-commerce platform and are well timed to the release of the popular Transformers franchise film.


To make the movie release more of a unique experience, JD and Hasbro have created an Red Knight action figure that is exclusively available on In addition, Jingdong has also launched their own “Super Bumblebee Day” sales promotion in which more than 300 million JD customers were able to purchase authentic and exclusive Bumblebee themed merchandise from a variety of brands such as Hasbro, HLA, Panasonic, and more. Go Here for more information.


To promote the celebration and promotion, has equipped some of their delivery vans and boxes in different parts of China with unique Bumblebee designs. This multi-pronged promotion is just one of many positive collaborations that Jingdong does to promote not only its own brand but the many authentic brands it offers to more than 300 million Chinese customers.


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