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Jeunesse Global smashes competition to shards with AM PM Essentials

Jeunesse Global announced recently that it had surpassed $5 billion in worldwide sales. This incredible benchmark is the product of a company that less than eight years ago was little more than a newly started hobby business run out of a retired Florida couple’s garage. Today, Jeunesse Global ranks among the most powerful players in the global health and beauty industry, with tens of thousands of distributors and millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

The secret behind the company’s astounding success has been its ability to quickly develop world-leading products. Founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had more than five decades of experience each in the North American direct-selling industry. It was this experience that gave them the skill set they needed to create one of the most astonishing success stories in the global health and beauty industry’s history.

In particular, Lewis was able to quickly spot unmet market needs and, through her network of some of the top product-development scientists in the business, quickly create revolutionary products that were both innovative and effective. Jeunesse now has one of the most original product lineups of any company in the global health and beauty sector. With more than a dozen products making up its renowned Youth Enhancement System, Jeunesse Global is creating a brand of immense strength and helping people across the globe reach their health, beauty and financial goals.

One example of the company’s innovative spirit is its AM PM Essentials multivitamin. The first multivitamin from Jeunesse, AM PM Essentials focuses on keeping people performing at their best throughout the day. AM PM Essentials may be the first multivitamin to not only address the need for people to stay focused and mentally sharp throughout the workday but also the challenges of winding down at night and getting a sound night’s sleep before every busy day.

It is this latter focus that has really distinguished AM PM Essentials as one of the more innovative multivitamins on the market. With its ability to deliver a consistent, good night’s sleep to users, AM PM Essentials helps today’s busy professionals avoid one of the worst impediments to productivity: sleep deprivation.

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