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Jim Toner: Real Estate Investor, Businessman, Inspiration

Jim Toner is a true inspiration for anyone who is interested or already involved in the world of entrepreneurship. He is connected to many avenues of business including, real estate investment, motivational speaker, radio show hosting, and a consulting. He has traveled and spoken all over the country about real estate investment, and has assisted and taught thousands of people how to create financial freedom by using his real estate investment strategy titled “12 Little Houses Plan”. He is available to coach people in the arts of real estate investment, and building on business ideas. Jim Toner has also done a great deal of work with the homeless and with army veterans.

What sets Jim Toner apart from many other people in his field, is that he puts a great deal of focus on making real estate investment, business and entrepreneurship more “user friendly”. He truly is a man for the people, in that he provides genuine advice for people like you and me, to find legit and profitable opportunities in both the real estate and the entrepreneurial worlds. His “Just Do it” mentality is a cornerstone for his success and this is how he brings his ideas to life; and he encourages anyone else sitting on an idea to do this same: “I see too many people “thinking” about implementing an idea only to have it fade away due to inaction or when they talk themselves out of it. I look at it this way: if it has been done before, which most things have, it can be done again, so why not see if it’s a fit for you?” This is what he believes and this is the mentality that allowed him to get as far as he has as a businessman.

In his opinion, clarifying your goal and being productive to make these goals a reality is the first step in growing as an entrepreneur. He believes these qualities are connected to having a strong body and mind through discipline, which, in reality, makes perfect sense. To be able to fully clarify an idea, and take action and be productive takes extreme discipline of the mind. Toner starts his days in the gym which is a space for him to build that mind and body discipline; he feels that this everyday practice of his has really helped him to become as successful as he is today. Another tip he gives for aspiring business women and men is to read! He says that this tip is “non- negotiable”. Not only does reading allow us to escape the “vacuum of our own heads”, but it also allows us the opportunity to learn from people who have made it to where we are headed. He quotes Charlie Jones and claims that it’s the best “25 word business plan that you can’t go wrong with”: “You will be the same person five years from now as you are today except for the books you read and the people you meet.” He makes a truly inspirational argument here!

His book, “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder” is truly one of a kind, in that he brings a great deal of honesty and genuine nature to his writing. He offers advice to break into the real estate investment world for beginners, and also tricks and traps to avoid by scammers or dishonest people who are out for the money of the unseasoned. Toner (@thejimtoner) is brutally honest about what it takes to make it in the real estate industry, but helps the reader to see that it is possible, with hard work and dedication. This book is for the beginner and the well established a lot,as he says there is always more to learn about the business; there is always room for growth. His book includes stories of folks who followed his system and came out successful on the other side, and so much more! It is truly inspirational!

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