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Krishen Iyer is a Hard Worker and a Philanthropist

Krishen Iyer is the Chief Executive Officer of Quick Link Marketing which later re-branded to Managed Benefits. The company majors in providing clients with effective marketing solutions and linking them with companies that can meet particular marketing requirements. Being a technological era, he relies heavily on his knowledge of online marketing, technical development, and clients relations to ensure the customers are satisfied with the services the company offers. Insurance is one field that requires a lot of commitment and precision and the fact that the company deals with dental and health insurance as well means that it is dedicated to offering its clients the best services. Krishen Iyer being an online partner with the company places him strategically to make its mission success as he is determined and knowledgeable and as well possesses an elemental adapted attitude that is beneficial. Additionally, he is inquisitive which means that he does not undertake matters he does not understand which makes him the right person for his current position.

Krishen Iyer is a graduate of the Grossmont College and also attended San Diego University where he acquired a bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. Individually he is for the idea of having reliable communication like that is what brings thoughts to reality. Additionally, seeking other people’s opinion on crucial matters is of the essence to ensure that the right decisions are arrived at owing to seeking reliable advice. Other than work, Krishen Iyer takes time to give back to the community he serves which he does through participating in cleanups and beautification of local parks. Further, he gives donations in case of crisis and sponsorships to children irrespective of their locations. In that case, he can be said to be a diverse person and understands the value of being a part of an extended community.

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Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online


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