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Lee May: Article recaps on his help with Boxing Club

This will give information around Lee May from “Beamridge” and his involvement. Articles will be recapped around this topic. First is “We’re raising 20,0000” (pounds) “to put toward a minibus for Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club”. This is from the website “justgiving”. Lee May the Senior Partner of Beamridge Ltd, is going to tackle a 10K run that’s sponsored. This is to help the “Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club” to let them in the purchase of a new minibus. The money will go to the club to assist them with the bright work they do. Beamridge is very proud to do this act. May has consistently been a passionate boxing fan. He is proud in particular to be a sponsor for “Nemesis ABC”. The goal of that organization is to allow people to enhance them to improve every facet of their training in provision of the best opportunities for children boxers to strongly compete in European and domestic tournaments. Lee has a goal of raising 20,000 pounds. In any money amount, Lee and his club with be grateful.


This next article is from the “Beamridge” website. The article is “Boxing Night at Grosvenor House 2017”. A couple months ago on October 20th 2017 the company had their second Charity Event for Boxing, This event included a variety of bouts with boxers representing the British Army, an Ireland team, and women boxers. It included drinks and a meal consisting of three courses. In the event from the previous year they were able to give the best occasions for the children boxers to compete in those tournaments. This is something that would of not been possible a couple years before. Also, money was raised for the “Demelza Children’s Hospice”. This is giving help for children with life threatening and life-limiting conditions.

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