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Louis Chenevert’s Career: UTC and Beyond

As a French-Canadian born in Montreal, Quebec, Louis Chenevert is the perfect example of a combination of hard work and success. As a young man with ambition, he set off his incredible career by graduating in production management with a degree from Montreal’s HEC business school. He kicked off his work career as president at St. Therese Production. He led for six years before moving on to greener pastures. His ambition and drive saw him land a position as the top head at General Motors, where he reigned for over a decade before joining United Technologies Corp(UTC).

The 58-year-old was elected as the president of a unit in UTC, Pratt & Whitney, which deals in aircraft engines in 1999. He worked as chair for six years before March 2006, when he was unanimously elected as Chairman and CEO of UTC. Louis Chenevert’s role in the growth of UTC is influential as is seen by his achievements. He propelled the company into a conglomerate with a $100 billion valuation and subsidiaries in the industry such as aerospace, elevators, aircraft engines among others.

Much of the credit would go to Louis’ bold and smart business moves. His early days as president saw him spearhead a campaign to purchase Goodrich in an $18.4 billion trade deal. After a year of negotiations, UTC finally acquired Goodrich. Louis set out to promote the growth of employees and championed for the use of advanced technology. This is evident in UTC considerable investments in technology and employee empowerment.

The Employee Scholar Program is a brainchild of Louis Chenevert that nurtures and grows employees’ credentials in their career ladder. Through the program, employees get financial assistance to further their education. More than 40,000 staff have been assisted in by the project and have earned a degree in their respective fields.

After serving as UTC president for years, Louis finally resigned in December 2014. He was replaced by the lead independent director, Edward Kangas. Additionally, he has served as an exclusive advisor to Goldman Sachs. His brilliance in leadership and strategies is credited for taking UTC to the pinnacle of success.

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