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Matthew Fleeger From A Texas Beginning To Building Strong Partnerships

Matthew Fleeger is the Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western. The company locates underground oil reserves mainly in the Gulf States, and the business is also involved in natural gas, In addition to locating the oil, they also create advanced models to handle the intense projects.Gulf Coast Western was established in the 70s. Its humble beginnings started in Dallas Texas but grew over the years, and the business has now spread out further along the coast all the way to Oklahoma and as far North as Colorado.

Matthew Fleeger has held a watchful eye over the company and is making sure that they have access to the latest technology. Under his leadership, the business developed the ability to read seismic activity and create 3D replicas. With this technology, the crew was able to scan over 40 miles to find high production areas.

Fleeger has also been structuring partnerships with companies across America to broaden their reach. They focus on acquiring leases that have the potential of mass production. In a separate collaboration, Gulf Coast Western worked with Northcote Industries, and they had developed a 50/50 partnership. With the partnership, they expanded the operations into Louisiana where they acquired almost 5 million barrels of oil. Fleeger continues to look for partners that would fit with Gulf Coast Western priorities, which focus first on maintaining high ethical standards as they have proven with their ratings at the Better Business Bureau, which they have maintained as in A plus.

Matthew Fleeger has been recognized for his work standards and was acknowledged by the global group Who’s Who as one of the top business professionals. He is thought to be one of the leading experts in the oil industry. Matthew Fleeger continues to strive for strong teams in good standing and productive wells, leases, and land.

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