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Mina Ebrahimi’s Success Story in Catering Services

Mina Ebrahimi is a hardworking and determined woman. This was extended to her passion for cooking, and that is what made her think of Saint Germain Catering. This company focuses on quality food, super service, and delicious meals. Mina’s culinary skills began when she was at the age of 11 while working at her family’s bakery shop called Seven Corners. Being involved in the bakery made her learn general business skills like excellent customer service. She continued to operate the business. It was relocated to Tyson’s Galleria, and it changed its name to Saint Germain Café. The passion for running a business of her own in the sector of cooking did not fade away until Mina started her company calling it Saint Germain Catering. This company targets on corporate catering as well as serving in special events and weddings.

Moving on with her dream, Mina Ebrahimi turned around the activities of the business making it a full-service catering business company that exclusively serves in weddings, private parties, special events, and business luncheons. Currently, the company has32 employees who work on a full-time basis and eight who work on part-time basis. Mina Ebrahimi is the owner and entrepreneur in this business. Being in such a position has granted her a lot of favor and accomplishments in return. She Mina prides in receiving numerous awards and accolades. They include the 2014 Enterprising Women of the Year award as well as the Winner SmartCEO Brava awards to celebrate female business leaders.

Mina Ebrahimi is also passionate about giving back to the community. The success in the business in the business is the cause behind the spirit of giving to the needy in the community. Mina Ebrahimi went to School of Saint Germain Catering to study Food and Beverage. Mina is very committed to mentor other women in the business to become great entrepreneurs. She earnestly devotes herself to empowering them to start their businesses and prosper them. Mina goes to extents of funding them as a way of giving them support. Mina prides in mentoring a maximum of eight women every year. She can accomplish this through the Mina Ebrahimi Foundation that places women in front of every process.

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