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National Steel Car Has Government Power

National Steel Car has succeeded as well as they have mainly due to the Chief Executive Officer Gregory James Aziz. During Greg James Aziz’s time as CEO of this Canadian-based rail company, he has served as the Chairman of the Board and the liaison to National Industries.


Greg Aziz was born in the same town that National Steel Car now calls home, Hamilton, Ontario. Being an Ontario native, Gregory J Aziz studied Economics at the prestigious Western University. Through the wisdom he gained at his time here, he would be able to lead National Steel Car through its first century of business.


When the Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car, Greg evaluated the situation and saw a glaring problem. The glaring problem was that National Steel Car was no longer innovating, they were simply resting on previous accomplishments. Gregory James Aziz called a meeting of the executives and showed how the world was changing and that National Steel Car needed to innovate in order to make that happen. The main area that National Steel Car had to innovate in was to create railcars that were more environmentally friendly.

The executives took this vision the heart and began to update the production lines with equipment that was able to reduce gas emissions on the railcars. They also would instill this pursuit of excellence into the management so that everybody understood the main goal of National Steel Car was becoming environmentally friendly.


After five years of innovation, the engineers and National Steel Car were able to produce a rail car that carried 50% more product, when 25% faster, 20% longer without needing oil changed, and produce 90% fewer gas emissions. This innovation would prove to be most useful to their company. See This Article for additional information.

Two years later, the Canadian government and the United States government joined hands and passed the strictest regulations that the railway industry have ever seen. It was then that National Steel Car revealed their new railcar that was able to meet the strict regulations. While all the other companies in the rail industry had to play catch-up, National Steel Car was able to secure contracts throughout the continent.


National Steel Car would continue its industry wide dominance by allying itself with the two governments to promote a much safer and stronger rail industry. This allowed them to continue being the only company that could operate during this strict time.



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